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Vitalis feeds are based upon the following key principles:
  • Protein - Many reported effects on fecundity and egg size and delayed maturity are probably due to effects of protein on growth and broodstock size. Protein levels in Vitalis are therefore higher than normally found in grower feeds. High protein digestibility is assured through the use of high quality fish meals as the main protein contributor.

  • Fat and Fatty Acids - for salmonids, the absolute level of fat is not critical provided there is sufficient dietary energy to support gonadal growth. For marine species such as cod and halibut, recent reports suggest that fat levels which are slightly higher than found in normal grower feeds result in improved fecundity. PUFAs must be present in sufficient quantities and in the correct proportions of n6/n3, EPA, DHA and ARA (for marine species). Only fishoils are used in Vitalis in order to assure that PUFA levels are optimal.
  • Micronutrients - Astaxanthin, vitamin E and vitamin C are vitally important as they all protect against oxidative damage and hence are essential for successful reproduction and good larval/fry quality. Vitalis is well supplied with these micronutrients. Other microingredients e.g. MacroGard® beta-glucans, are used to enhance the health status of broodstock and to benefit the offspring in the instance that improved immunity is transmissible to fish eggs.