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Skretting is the world leader in fish feed

The global name for fish feed

Welcome to Skretting, the global producer of progressive and innovative feeds for more than 25 different species of fish and for shrimps.

Created and developed from an original base of individual production companies, we are now working together under one united global name - Skretting. We have always been a pioneering and visionary group of companies. Now, as Skretting, we believe we are ideally placed to take the next innovative step in satisfying the ever-developing needs of our shared global business. Drawing strength from the impressive achievements of our past, we will continue to use our world-wide network of diverse locations to serve our new united purpose, seeking to meet the challenge of the future with a product range of increasing feed-to-food value.

In the past we were the first to product dry feed for salmon, the first to use extruders in fish feed technology, the first in Europe to become an approved producer of organic salmon feed, and the first to fully understand the need for constant and significant levels of investment in fish feed research and development.

Today, as a result, our new united Skretting inherits the world's No. 1 position in the production of feed for farmed fish, producing some 40% of the global needs for salmonid feed.

So far, our main markets have been in salmon, trout, sea bass and sea bream. The world is changing, however, and we are changing with it. Our product developers constantly explore new species, new feeding techniques, new health, welfare and envrionmental demands, consistently coming back with exciting solutions.

Looking to the future, we see a growing world population set against a declining supply of wild caught fish. The invitation for farmers to fill the void could not be stronger. The scope for new species is immense, from yellowtail to cod, from tuna to halibut and from sole to barramundi.

As Skretting - united, global and charged with renewed vision - we believe we have a massive contribution to make to the future of our industry, helping producers in all parts of the world to achieve exciting new levels of output, efficiency and profitability.